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100% handmade in San Diego, CA

Morris and Mango Surfboards are surfboards 100% hand made by Myles Morris. Myles is a local San Diego surfer, shaper, and is one of a handful in his generation who can build a board from start to finish. The continuous evolution and pursuit of perfection is what has drawn Myles to the craft of board building and he strives to make every board leaving the factory better than the last.

May 19, 2017 in Surfing, Surftrips

Rincon: Winter 16-17

A couple months ago the urge to take a surf trip was building and the queen of the coast was calling. So I loaded up the quiver, camping gear, and…
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May 4, 2017 in Shaping

Pushing the Limits

To surfboard shapers tried and true designs are our bread and butter, but where would surfers be without innovation?  Still riding wooden planks? The evolution of our equipment has arguably…
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July 14, 2014 in Events

LJSSA Menehune Contest 2017

Every year the La Jolla Shores Surfing Association holds a Menehune contest. A contest for kids under 18 where all the proceeds are donated to local charities. (more…)
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March 23, 2013 in Surfing

Saturn V in action

To see a short clip of the Saturn V in action click on the following link and go to 9:50 (more…)
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At Morris & Mango Surfboards, the customer’s surfing experience comes first. Each board is specifically tailored to the customer’s specifications. Explore how a Morris & Mango custom surfboard will improve your surfing experience.

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