“No matter what the surf forecast says you never know what type of surf you are going to encounter on a strike mission to baja.” It could be knee high and mushy or double overhead and hollow. Chances are you can’t strap your entire quiver to your friend’s soft racks either. That’s where the inspiration for the Huevos Rancheros, a performance or step-up egg, came from. It’s designed to be a great one-board travel companion. It has more width, thickness and a fuller outline than your average shortboard, making even the smallest waves fun and giving great paddle power on big days when you need to chase down big sets. While the pulled in nose and tail, added rocker, and performance rail and bottom contours allow it to go more vertical and handle steeper, faster surf than the classic style scrambled egg. Whether it’s cheater fiving through a barrel, doing vertical snaps, or making big carves this board can do it all! The Huevos Rancheros will put an end to sitting out sessions because “You didn’t bring the right board.”




Round Pin


Single to Double Barrel Vee


Thruster or 2+1

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